I need a URDF file for Dobot1 to do simulation in ROS


Hello , I would you like a URDF file too.
Could you send me the URFD file of Dobot Magician via e-mail?
My address is (pixyworks0307@gmail.com)

Thank you.


Hi Daniel, I need the URDF too; why not just make this a public download on the Dobot download page?


Because few people want the urdf model, I will submit this request to the Dobot team. Please send my email address privately and I will send you the urdf model.


Hi Daniel,

Can I also have the URDF file? My email is edenjames.bfs@gmail.com.

Thank you.


Anybody know why the URDF for Magician (received from Daniel.Deng) is missing the element for the links? The gazebo documentation says that the is required.


Hello Daniel,

I would be very grateful if you could send me the URDF file too,
here is my email adress: pierrelouis.lagunegrand@gmail.com

Thank you,


I have sent the file to your email address.
kind regards



Could you send me the URDF file of Magician via email?
My address is

Thank you.