I need a URDF file for Dobot1 to do simulation in ROS


Hello , I would you like a URDF file too.
Could you send me the URFD file of Dobot Magician via e-mail?
My address is (pixyworks0307@gmail.com)

Thank you.


Hi Daniel, I need the URDF too; why not just make this a public download on the Dobot download page?


Because few people want the urdf model, I will submit this request to the Dobot team. Please send my email address privately and I will send you the urdf model.


Hi Daniel,

Can I also have the URDF file? My email is edenjames.bfs@gmail.com.

Thank you.


Anybody know why the URDF for Magician (received from Daniel.Deng) is missing the element for the links? The gazebo documentation says that the is required.


Hello Daniel,

I would be very grateful if you could send me the URDF file too,
here is my email adress: pierrelouis.lagunegrand@gmail.com

Thank you,


I have sent the file to your email address.
kind regards



Could you send me the URDF file of Magician via email?
My address is

Thank you.


Hello! Would it be possible for you to send me the Magician URDF file too? My email is oalcabes@uchicago.edu. Thanks so much!


I have 6 Dobot Magicians.
Could you also send me the URDF file for the Dobot Magician?
Also is there a URDF model of the gripper module too?
Or Dobot+gripper combined URDF model?



Could you send me the URDF file of Magician via email?
My address is


Hi could you please send the urdf for Dobot Magician ?
my email address: abhinand4as@gmail.com


Thank you for your kind help. I really need the URDF file for Dobot Magician especially for ROS.

We deeply appreciate if you could kindly send me the URDF file to enhance our research project with Dobot Magician. I believe our research result will be a good promotion of the Dobot Magician continuously.

email: waga@brain.kyutech.ac.jp

Thank you very much for your kind help.

With best regards,

Hiroaki Wagatsuma, Kyutech