I need a URDF file for Dobot1 to do simulation in ROS


I think Dobot 1 does not support enough for ROS, I really want a URDF of dobot1 to do simulation with moveit in ROS!!!

Can I get the Dobot1 3d model so that I can export URDF file myself? Or, Dobot team please send a URDF file to me !

Please! Very emergent!


Were you able to get this? I also need the same.


Did you guys get it? Any updates?


I need the same. Did any one get these files?


I got the stp file, which can be transformed into URDF.


Did you get it? I need it,too.


Where did you get it from? Can you share the final urdf you made?
Found the stp. How did you convert it to urdf?




I have URDF, and I can send it to you. Please give me your email address, my email address is 869253879@qq.com




Could you send me the URDF file of Magician via email?
My address is iwhwang617@gmail.com

Thank you.