I need a URDF file for Dobot1 to do simulation in ROS


email has been sent ,please check


Could you send me a copy of the URDF file as well?------@gmail.com

It might save you some time and effort if you were publish the file to a file hosting site or setup a GitHub repo for it.




Could you send me the URDF too?? my email is fracarfer5@gmail.com



Already sent to the mailbox。


Could you forward it to me as well?


Sorry, I have sent it now.


No problem. Thank you!


Hi Daniel! Can you send me the URDF for dobot magician please? my email is shahbaaz.shakil@gmail.com

Much thanks!


If you have a gazebo and/or ROS workspace folder set up if you can send that, would be nice as well!


The workspace is not available yet, we intend to upload it to github. But not now, sorry.



I want URDF file too.
Could you send me the URDF file of Magician via email?
My address is tetsutakakouryu@gmail.com

Thank you.


Hi Dan,
I’d really appreciate if I can get the URDF file as well for running simulations. My email is yiningliangpwc@gmail.com Thank you!


The URDF file have been sent to your mailbox, thank you for your care of the dobot.