3D model of Dobot Magician



We are developing some applications using Dobot.
Is there any 3D model or CAD files available for Magician?
They would be very useful in 3D modelling


Give me your mailbox, I’ll send you one.


Please send it to me as well!

hola [at] beachlab [dot] org



give me your mailbox


Hello Echo,

please could you send it to me too?

info (at) variobotic (dot) de

Would be great. Thank you so much.



Hi , I send an email to you .


Hi Echo,

Please send the files to me also.

info (at) innovate (dot) pl

Thank you very much.



please send me the model to g.daehne (at) web (d o t) de


Hi ,
I sent you an email .


I think we are all asking for a 3D model of the Dobot Magician, not 3D models for printing. These que can get at thingiverse.


I send you another email .


would it be possible to send to me also? james (at) kent (dot) me (dot) uk


I would also like to request a model for magician:


Thank you!



I would like to receive the manual too.


Are you able to send me the model? Thank you



I would like to get a 3D model of the Dobot Magician too. I am trying out to integrate in my design.

idheepan at outlook.com


Hi Echo,

Could you send me the CAD file of the Dobot Magician ? It will help me a lot.


Thanks !


Hi Echo,

Could you send me the CAD file of the Dobot Magician ? It will help me a lot in my projects.




Hi Echo,

Will it be possible for you to send CAD file of the Dobot Magician to me as well?


Thanks a lot for your help!!


Good afternoon,

We are developing an application using Dobot and leap motion with unity. Could you send me 3D model of the Dobot magician please?

my email is victor[at]does[dot]kr

Thank you very much

Have a nice day