3D model of Dobot Magician


Hi all guys , I have sent the 3D model of Dobot Magician to you .


Hi Echo,

Thank you for sending me the cad from the magician dobot. It helped me a lot.


Count me in too, although I would like both Arm v1.0 and Magician 3D CAD in STeP if possible.
I would like to develop effectors for both devices (I have both).
scott @ Kenatic . com


Hello. Could you send me the DOBOT Magician CAD file? My email address is “iwhwang(at)robogates(dot)com”.
Thank you.


Hi @Echo,

We are starting a research project with DOBOT Magicians and it would be much appreciated if we could get the CAD files for the robot.

My email is: ritzee(at)rocketmail(dot)com



Please, give me to 3D-CAD File. I bought Dobot. We want to apply to machine.
My e-Mail : jaegyu.nam@sony.com


I want to receive both 3D and 2D CAD File.


Hello all guys , I have uploaded the 3D model of Magician in DropBox , so you can download it by yourself .


Nice, do you have 3d files with separate moving parts? We need it to create a Dobot simulation.


I have updated the 3D models of separate parts of Magician in DropBox .


Thank you so much :slight_smile:
Do you have the tools (gripper, etc.) as well?


Dear Echo,
We’re about to purchase a Dobot Magicien for a demo environment. Now we would also need the gripper and other tools at the end of the Dobot arm. If possible could you please show us / help us how a Dobot Magicien simulation - as already requested by irai can be done?
Thank you very much & regards



we could provide a Step-Modell of Magician including diffrent Tools on our Website to Download for Free.

Best regards

Variobotic - Team


It would be greatly appreciated if one could be sent to me, as well.


Thank you so very much!


Please send it to me as well!


Please send it to me as well!


HI, I am a graduate student in ShanghaiTech University, we have bought Magician robot from you comany. Now I want to do URDF simulation, I guess if you can supply us with Solidworks model of Magician.

Here is my email: zhuhh2@shanghaitech.edu.cn.



i needed the 3d model too , my email is caro_0126@hotmail.es i already have one dobot magician


Hi, could you send me a step. file of the Dobot conveyor.

If possible send it to Diederick.Schothans@wwinn-group.com.

Many thanks in advance!


hi Echo

can you send me 3D file of:

  1.    Suction Cup
  2.   Gripper
  3.   Air pump kit
  4.   3D printing kit
  5.   Laser engraving kit
  6.   Linear rail kit
  7.   Conveyor belt kit
  8.   Writing and drawing kit
  9.   Dobot Magician

i use Inventor 2011.

my email: phuochau.vip@gmail.com or hau.np@tpa.com.vn
thank you very much