Various issues with Dobot


I purchased 9 Dobot Magicians 1.5 years ago to use in my classroom. I have been experiencing major issues when it comes to using them. Last year students could get the robot to connect but it was very intermittent. Most recently I cant get any of the robots to be recognized with the software. I also have experienced 3 of the 9 laser engravers do not work.

Is there any way I can get the robots to connect? I have the newest software version, the computer recognizes the device but the software will not allow me to connect or update firmware etc.

What can I do about the faulty laser engravers?

Having purchased 9 of these, this is a huge investment and we have had nothing but problems.




Update: 5 of my 9 Dobots do not have a green/orange or red light illuminate and therefore do not connect. What would cause my Dobots to not have the LED light up?


You should check up your firmware connected or not in software.


They will not connect to the computer to update the software. They turn on but I get no LED or beeping sound etc. The arms stepper motors lock and I am unable to move the arm around even when holding the unlock button. Any suggestions?


Maybe that may sound stupid, but when I had problem similiar to this, I’ve just pull out USB and power cables. put on power only, and turn it on then.
Other problem were when during start the arm was too “crushed” (arm were too close to its base, and therefore it was out of working area (led was yollow/red) before it could do any work.
If you are able to connect with arm, try to upload soft on it. This helped mi twice.
If arm still doesn’t want to connect, then the last thing that comes to my mind is to check raw USB data that goes between soft and arm. Or contant company support directly.