User Cordinate Calibration python CR10


Hi is it possible to Calibrate the user Cordinate through the python API so that i can program an automatic calibration? (DOBOT CR10)


give me a link or tell me what formula you use to calculate the coordinates of the tool?


for now i had only used the one in DobotSCStudio GlobalCoordinate User CoorSys but i would like to know if it’s somehow possible to make this 3 point calibration through the python API ( or somehow else so i can automate this process with some sensors instead of manually calibrate


as far as I know, this procedure is not automated at ABB, KUKA, Fanuc.
It is always necessary to manually connect TCP to the pin. In the future, the robot can check and adjust the tool itself, but initially it is always brought manually.

this is a check and correction