Usb Host Keypad


Hi, i got a brand new Dobot Magician V2 edu set. It seems the software DobotStudio is working very good but i have problems to use the interface boxes. When i connect the usb host Box and switch on dobot it gives a 4time beep and the green and blue leds are on. I can also connect the gamepad to the usb host per wireless and when it is connected the two red leds on the pad are on after they are blinking for some seconds. The problem is the dobot does nothing in this state when i press keys on the pad. It seems that the firmware if dobot chrashes because when i switch off the dobot it doesnt go to home position and i doesnt shut down as normal. I have to plug off power to reset in this state. When i use the dobot without the interface and i switch off then it goes to home position and shut down normally. Also i cant get Bluetooth or wireless working. With Bluetooth i see an Advertising of WH-102 over Ble but cant connect/bond to this. With wireless i can connect to my Ssid and it got an ip address but i never see the ip connection in dobot studio. I think the simplest thing should be a working gamepad wit usb host. Is there something additional to do? I use latest software und firmware from the site. I hope you can help me to setup. Thx juergen