Unable to turn motor connected to GP3


Hi, I am currently using the Dobot Magician equipped with the pneumatic gripper. However, I am unable to get the motor assigned to joint 4 (j4) to work. I have plugged it into the GP3 port as per the user manual but the motor does not move when I actuate it in DobotStudio. The reading for joint4 in the program goes up and down accordingly however. I have double checked that the firmware is set to ‘Dobot firmware’. Is there some way I can troubleshoot this issue?


I have been able to resolve the issue.


Dear Nabilun! I´ve same issue. Could you explain how you fix it please?

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Dear @Nabilun

Can you kindly share how you fixed the problem? I have the same issue with my Dobot M1.


You have to use hole 1. Not GP3 what the sticker says. on the sticker is also nr1 in a circle