Segmentation fault for raspberry pi 4



I am currently trying to use a raspberry pi 4 to control a Dobot Magician. I have downloaded the demo files V2-1.2 and have compiled the source code onto the raspberry pi using QT V-5.11.3. For what I gather, the python api seems to work. There are times if I run the and the Dobot is not connected it will run fine (informing me that the Dobot is not connected) however, it seems when I attempt to connect to the Dobot, I always get a segmentation fault error.

The line of code that triggers this fault is inside the file, inside the function ConnectDobot, line:
result = api.ConnectDobot(szPara, baudrate, byref(connectInfo))

I have a vague understanding of what a segmentation fault means but I was hoping that someone maybe also has dealt with this issue or knows more about why this is happening?

Note: I am using the 32-bit python demo


I would guess that power and the SD card are the two most likely suspects. Do you ever see a yellow lightning bolt in the top right corner of the screen? If so then the voltage has definitely dropped too low, what are you using as a power supply? The SD card may be corrupt, possibly as a result of low power if you were getting that, or a fake card or the card is reaching the end of its life.