My Digital Outputs I/O seems to don't work (SOLVED)


Hello everyone , I’am connecting a signal cable from the Outputs board behind CR5 to a Relay , and nothing happen. Its normal that the three LED light behind the robot , upper of the I/O board be blinking : green yellow and red ? Any kind of help will be very useful ! Thanks


Just had that issue and solved it, so I’ll help.
You need to connect power for the pins as well. You can either use an external source or make it internal, which is likely what you want.

Connect a 24v with a pin on the same line and a 0v with a pin on the same line so it uses internal power. That should get your relays working.


I might as well add, since it’s half-relevant to the thread topic, that in Remote Control I still have 0 for all pins so I can’t really use it for Remote Control.
Is there any setting I need to change to enable editing what pin is used for each function?