Mixly installation issues


Hi Dobot support team,

I have just received an AI Starter kit. The user manual states that it is programmable using the visual programming tool Mixly. Only version 0.995 is supported.
Where can I download this specific version?
I have also tried other versions from both Mixly.org and GitHub, but I can’t get any of them running. Either there is no executeble in the package (Mixly.exe), or when there is, it gives me the following error: “This application was configured to use a bundled Java Runtime Environment but the runtime is missing or corrupted”

Any help on how to install Mixly would be greatly appreciated.




Please leave your email address and I will send the file to you.


Hi Daniel,

I will leave you a private message with my email address.



I have sent the software to your email address, please check.


Hi Daniel,

I have received the Mixly software, installed it and it is working.

Thank you!



Awesome, I’m glad to help you. Best wishes!


Hi Daniel,
Can you also post the Mixly software on the Dobot.cc website under the download section?
I have made a review on the AI starter on my website and youtube and people are now asking me for the software. It would be great if they can download it from your website with the AI starter libraries included.


i have the same problem can someone please help me
my email is kwameodk56@gmail.com


Dear Robo,
Thank you for your suggestion, I have given feedback to the official staff of Dobot.
With best wishes


Dear nana
Please refer to the link to download the mixly software.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BifZpIugqX7L2kckzjBp6xXIHJ9D7wT7/view?usp=sharing Dobot_Mixly V1.rar
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h1RHnkReWRuPSn4I7ty4ZRIc_mz8mU5u/view?usp=sharing Dobot_Mixly V2.rar
With best wishes


Download the Mixly and Arduino IDE software for using AI-Starter.