MG400 unresponsive after changing IP address


I used DobotStudio Pro to change the IP address of one of our MG400 units to

After doing so, I cannot see the MG400 in DobotStudio Pro at all. On either Ethernet port. Other Dobot units such as our Nova 2 connect just fine.

Is there any way to reset it to the original IP address?
Or connect to it in some other way?

Thank you!


If it helps troubleshoot, the MG400 has controller firmware version

I took a screenshot before I changed anything.


I used the wifi USB dongle that came with our Nova 2, and put it in USB1 port on the MG400.

I now see a wifi network MG400, and can connect to it with the default password 1234567890.

However, I still can’t connect to it in DobotStudio Pro.