Multiple MG400 on 10.x.x.x network issues


Hi! We recently purchased multiple dobot MG400 robots and connected them to our network. I used the Studio app to set 2 of their IPs to and with subnet It wouldn’t let me set a gateway. I plugged a network cable into LAN2 of each robot, no cable into LAN1. With this configuration each robot is very slow when connecting and often errors out. When I ping them half the pings time out. When I unplug either robots network cable the other one works perfectly. It seems like they conflict with each other on the network despite having unique IP addresses. Can anyone help? Thanks!!


I think there’s a MAC address conflict :thinking:


Hi Will, I think Hans said it right, it’s the problem of the MAC address. We can provide the tool to change the MAC address, and you can do it by double click the bat file named mac_ip.bat after you connect the device via LAN 1. For more detailed description, you can click README-English md file or PDF file for reference. Download link:

Hope this could help you.


Can you share the files another way? Google says the file violates their terms of service when I click the link.


Hi Will, try this one on Dropbox:


Thank you! I will try this when I get into work later.


Hi there! I checked through SSH and confirmed all of our dobots share the same MAC of 00:0E:C6:87:72:01.

I ran the custom IP batch file and input since the default of doesnt match the default of the MG400’s i have here. It ran and looked like the script was successful at first, however after rebooting the machines the MAC address did not change to the different one specified in the mac_start.txt file. Additionally, the MG400 will no longer boot and cannot be connected to using DobotStudio or DobotSCStudio. Help please!

I noticed it was asking me if it was the CR3/CR5/CRx model in the file. Is there a different download i need for the MG400 series?


Hi Will, I just sent you an email, let’s talk there for a better communication