Magician WLAN / Bluetooth


I am trying to get my Magician communicate via WLAN and BT for days, was not successful so far.
BT: blue light on, green blinking, Android-App says “Device refuses connection” when trying to connect via BT,
WLAN: blue light on, green off, SSID and password are not stored reliably (some times yes, some times not, some times just for a while and then USR-C322 and NONE again). I cannot see any pattern, it is just by chance. Something is still wrong there…
I am running the newest firmware and DobotStudio.
Any idea?


Magician have no Android App, just iOS App.
As for the WIFI module, please tell me your studio version and firmware version. The latest one is 1.4.11 and MCU3.2.3.


Hi Eric,
I found a Dobot Magician App in the Android App Store…anyway…
Studio and firmware are exactly what you mentioned 1.4.11 and 3.2.3.
Any help?


After you store the password, don’t reset your dobot with wifi module connected, or you’ll wipe out all the info you stored. And when you connected it to your dobot successfully, will it work? Or just can’t even connected?


Do you mean not to reset the Dobot with the WLAN-module connected? This would mean to connect the module to the powered Dobot (right after resetting), correct?
I tried, RESET really wipes all data out of the module. So I tried to store the data via API-commands. This works so far, but the Dobot does not connect to the WLAN, even if there is a correct SSID and password in the module (DHCP is ON). The green indicator on the module is permanently OFF and the Dobot is not visible for the router.
Seems to be quite tricky :slight_smile:
The reason why I am bothering you with this topic is, I want to connect my Dobot with a Simatic-PLC. And the only way I can see right now is via Ethernet. Is there another way? It would be ok for me to be able to manipulate one binary variable (Word or DWord) in both directions. Is there another chance?
Thanks in advance!


do you got it?
maybe you can use snap7 to comunicate whit python


How we can do that with mobile recorder on Android?