LED orange at power up


I just purchased a Dobot Magician and when I powered it up the LED light was orange and I can’t get it to change to green. Any suggestions?


I am having the same problem. Mine worked fine for about a day. Then I disconnected it from Dobot Studio, turned off the power, unplugged it, and moved it to another location. Reconnected everything back, and then the LED stayed red/orange, no matter what I do, including pressing the reset button.

Then, I went into Dobot Studio, and connected it. It connected fine. But it would not respond to any command (the arm drooped down; i.e. no power to the stepper motors). Then inside Teaching and Learning screen, I could still use the arm unlock button to get coordinate entries. However, all the entries have the following coordinates (X, Y, Z, R) = (351.7873, -0.1625, 8.3079, -0.0265). This seems to indicate that the angle sensors are not working or the MCU is not reading it correctly.

Any suggestions on how to get this thing working again?



Is your power connector connected well or not? If not I think your power connector might be loose, please check it.


Thanks to Dobot’s support. My Dobot Magician’s problem has been resolved.

In my case, it so happened that the 120V AC wire(s) went south, so there was no 120V AC, let along 12V DC output. If there was no 12V DC to Dobot Magician, the MCU will draw power from USB 5V and still be able to communicate with the host and Dobot Studio via USB/serial port. It’s just that the angle sensor and motor did not have power, hence at startup, no angle values were read correctly, resulting in the orange light and beep.

The confusion came from my assumption that since there was the orange light and beep, there was power. Little did I know that it would be drawing power from the USB port for MCU so I never checked the 12DC nor 120VAC.