Dobot Magician Silent Install inc Drivers


Hi we are currently deploying Dobot for our engineering at our IOT college centre and are having a few issues deploying the software via SCCM.
We are deploying as a script that works for everything else but when we run the silent installer switches for the magician version that we need its falling over. Now this looks like its due to at the end of the installation it installs 3 driver installs. I can see where they are being ran from but because they are not being ran silent this falls over running as system.
I can also see that the version 1.9.4 has been compiled using Inno Setup. Ideally we could do with a installer that silently installs the drivers, or could we have the .iis file and I could action this ourselves?
Any Help would be appreciated as we have 100+ student laptops needing this so they can work on the Hardware.
And we would love to just have 1 device running it but the powers that be have given all students their own devices.
Cheers for any help