Buy the servo of Magician


Users can refer to the information provided by the technical support engineer of DOBOT and go to the online store to buy the servo by themselves. Magician is using the HDKJ D3009 (9Kg) servo, and you can visit, search“ HDKJ D3009 9Kg Digital Metal Gear Torque Servo 300 Degree Wide-angle Waterproof ”. There will be some servos that meet the requirements for you.

Pay attention to the specifications of the cable and connector used by Magician’s servo.
The length of the cable, L=200mm, all black cable, 22AWG; connector XH2.5-4PIN.
The cables and connectors of the servos you buy online may be different from ours.
So you need to purchase additional cables and connectors that meet our requirements.
Please strictly follow the wire drawing instructions in the figure below to complete the assembly.
Note: do not connect the wrong PIN, otherwise the servo will be burnt out.

The following are the parameters of HDKJ D3009 (9Kg) servos for your reference.
MODEL NO: HDKJ D3009 (9Kg Digital, High precision Metal gear, High torque ,Wide-angle, …)
SIZE: 402040.5 Wire Long:320MM
Dead zone set:4us
Max rotation angle : 300°(Plug, output, remote control issue and Futaba, ,HITEC, compatible)
TORQUE: 9Kg… at6.0v 10Kg… at7.2v
SPEED: 0.16sec/60°at6v 0.14sec/60°at7.2v
Working Voltage:(4.8—7.2)V
Structural material: Precision metal gear, Motor iron core, Duplex bearing…