6-axis force sensor


I want to use a CR10 for CNC tending, and in my particular setup after I load the spindle I need to push the workpiece to the hardstop of the collet with a specific force applied along the axis.
In theory this is possible by mounting a 6-axis force/torque sensor between the gripper and the 6th joint, but how can I configure it on the software side?
The thing is that in this case the robot should not move to a specific point in space, but rather move indefinitely along a given direction until a minimum value of force is measured.
I can’t seem to find such a feature on DobotSCStudio, do I need to use the SDK?

The alternative way to do this would be to continuously move the setpoint by a very small amount until the required force is met, but it would be nice if such a feature was already implemented.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems exactly what is done on your youtube video DOBOT CR5 | Sanding & Polishing. It looks as if the robot is following a bi-dimensional trajectory on the horizontal plane while adjusting automatically its height to meet a specific force on the polisher.

By the way, I plan to entirely control the robot via TCP/IP from a Linux machine.



Sorry, the function of our force sensor is not perfect yet. We are still testing it. The function you mentioned can be realized,and it does not need to be realized through the SDK of TCPIP


But how can I realize it through the SDK? I’ve had a look at the documentation (I used google translate from Chinese to English) and I’m not sure if I found out how to achieve it.


Hi hans99 and gottardini,

I saw the sanding and polishing video and have become very curious to know how the function can be realized. What feature/principle is being used if not by the force sensor that the dobot arm is able to sand and polish the part and maintain the force as the part moves up and down?


We need to use force sensors for grinding and polishing. I just say that the current force sensing function in SDK is not perfect. It is suggested to use the force sensing function directly using the instructions in DobotSCStudio or Studio Pro