3D Printing Issue


I’m new to the product/forum but it seems like the best place to look for help.

I recently bought a “DOBOT Magician” which has a function of 3d printing and the manual suggest using Repetier Host.

After following all of the instruction in the manual, I am able to move the robot manually and even control the flow of the material, unfortunately when I go about printing a 3d model the g-code is send to the robot, and Repetier shows the movement but the robot itself is idle

I would appreciate and suggestion that might help me fix the issue help me create my first hand made model.


Does the robot show any commands waiting? Sometimes I’ve run into the problem where multiple commands are waiting (no clue what it really even means) and I have to open expert mode and manually “OK” the commands until they clear and it says idle and then test it a few times manually before trying to run a print. Hope that helps!