XYZ Coordinates



I am working on the Dobot Magician for the first time.
I was trying the example of picking and sorting dice. I have some impediments.
I want to understand how actually these xyz coordinates work. I am not sure but everytime I start the blocky script the initial points are different. Can I set it to some constant points??
I would greatly appreciate if you can refer me to some links or any other references for the same or correct me if my understanding is wrong.
Thank you for your time .


I had trouble with blockly - but I built a library for RobotBASIC (a free language from that allows it to EASILY control the Magician. More information is explained in 2 articles in Servo Magazine (in 2017). The download for the software in the magazine articles (including the library) can be found on the IN THE NEWS tab (articles 40 and 41) at Hope you find this helpful.


In DobotStudio click “Settings”, then find “Base calibration” and/or “Auto levelling” buttons. I’m not sure how those commands under buttons works exactly, because I’m using only 2nd development direct commands, but Dobot should rotate to maximum right position, and start calibration based on it’s limit switches.
Dobot is built with stepper motors. Stepper motors don’t know what is their position at startup, and therefore they must be calibrated every time you start the arm.

For more info go:
—chapter: 5.10 Calibration. (page 126)