WiFi module connection help


Hi, me and my son are trying to connect our Magician to the WiFi, we read and followed the included manual however, it doesnt seem to be working correctly. We are at the stage were we are supposed to write in the IP-adress, which we have done. Help would be much obliged.



Hello Leo,

so I have entered the following values, of course da module must be connected and the connection to the Dobot must be connected via USB.

Then you have to enter the WLAN name of the 2.4Ghz access as described in the picture and the corresponding password below.

The Netmask and the value for DNS I took from the description. (see picture)


Afterwards confirm on OK, then the connection over the USB cable “Disconnect” and wait a moment, then the following should appear when calling the interfaces with possibly another address which your router assigns (see picture)


greetings skink

P.S. This is for Dobot Studio version 1.9.4 if you want to control the robot arm without cable over the wifi network. If you want to control the robot via the cell phone does not work with this module but this is described here in the forum: “Magician : Bluetooth with HC-05 works perfectly” I have ordered this module at Aliexpress and can now control the robot arm via the cell phone Android!!