Where is the "dobotdll_global.h"



I want to make some application as using dobot api

but in my project, there are some problems.

The main problem is that there is not dobotdll_global.h

In Dobotdll.h include the ‘dobotdll_global.h’

in my sketch programming, some error appear because they cannot find ‘dobotdll_global.h’

please help me


sorry, the dll file might be wrong, but I’m not alow to upload .dll file here, I’ll upload the latest Dobot demo on our website soon and you can try it again. I’ll let you know when I finish this.


we have updated the file, please check it agian.


I downloaded the latest Dobot demo from your website.

This problem persists when I use precompiled win32 and 64 dll in my project.

please help me


Please see my file path, which contains the dobotdll-global file. Please find the correct location of the library and replace it.