What the H$%^ is going on, Support,,, Hello


Iv’e posted a few simple questions with no relies Been 20 hours for the sun to go around the planet and seems like no one is home @ Dobot. If this is the type of support provided then I’m not even going to pop the tape on the Mooz 3 multi-color I have ordered. Sending it back seems logical at this point!

Anybody else experiencing this? Maybe it’s just me!!! Am I expecting to much?

Yes, Newbie to 3d, I am engineer here attempting to complete some due diligence before I plug this printer in to print some industrial parts.
Anybody’s help would be greatly appreciated.




It could be that the Corona Virus in China is potentially interfering with the day-to-day operation of Dobot, so they may be slower due to that.

In looking at the description for this Customer Support category, they indicate that if you don’t get a response in 48 hours you can try e-mailing Dobot directly at hello@mooz.co. I don’t know if this will work/help, but you could give it a try and let the rest of us know if you get a response.

I only have 2 of the MOOZ 2 3D printers, which are not multi-color, so I can’t help you much. :-(:neutral_face:


Coronavirus in China does interfere with the daily operation of Dobot. Government regulation stopped the spread of the virus, but it also caused companies to lose working hours. The forum is just a platform for everyone to communicate and discuss. If you do have an urgent issue, please send an email directly to support@dobot.cc or mooz@dobot.cc


If you can send it back, that would definitely be the way to go. The mooz3 is poorly designed, not supported and they closed the source code so NO ONE can help you. You can pick up something like an Ender3 on Amazon for under $300 and there are LOTS of resources for upgrades, improvements, community support etc. Mine if simply a box of parts at this point. One example of how they screwed everyone by closing the source is the inability upgrade to Marlin version 2.x. There and many great improvements that you will never see.