What protocoll to use for MG400


Dear Forum.
For a didatic purpose, i need to decide beetwen Magician and Mg400.
I read that we can connect to the magician via uart, and using API ,we cam move it of x y ecc…
Therr is also a Manual about protocol, and a C# sw with user interface. ALL enaugh clear.
About mg400 is not clear for me.
We need to Connectt via Ethernet (or wifi ??),but not ckear about if possible to createa custom sw that stop in xyz ecc.
Thanks for your hekp.


Since there is no answer, I’ll give it my best.

I have an MG400. You can connect via ethernet, or wifi. If via wifi you need to buy your own (specific) wifi dongle. You network needs to be under 192.168.1.XX . If your router doesn’t have that subnet, you’ll have issues.

You can run most commands via custom software you make using a TCP/IP script. You can make a custom GUI in anything you want, or you can just have a python script.
Connecting is as little a 3-4 lines of code, then you just define your actions.

Here is the info: https://github.com/Dobot-Arm/TCP-IP-Protocol


Thanks for your reply


Hello Roberto,

The MG400 can be connected via Ethernet and can be programmed without the need of in-house software. As Spiros has told you, you can control the robot using TCP/IP protocol which you have its API in Python in the GitHub repository.

Also mention that we (Eurobots: https://www.eurobots.es/cobots-es.html) are official suppliers in Spain and we have a lot of experience in TCP/IP programming. In case you live in Italy, we could also supply you with equipment.

I hope this is helpful to you. Best regards


By the way, is there any documentation available regarding the TCP/IP commands for MG400 (like commands list and descriptions…)? I tried to search for it but no success. I found quite a lot infos for ModBUS but almost nothing usable for TCP/IP…


Hi, in GitHub you have a list of commands.

TCP-IP-Protocol/README-EN.md at master · Dobot-Arm/TCP-IP-Protocol · GitHub