Vision kit versions question



I ordered a vision kit off ebay, paid $2875 for it and having a lot of trouble getting it to run. It does not provide a dongle but the DobotVisionStudio 1.3.2 requires one. See image 1.

I ordered a second kit of a local supplier in San Francisco. See image 2. It’s not here yet but it clearly features a dongle.

Which one is the official Dobot kit? What about the other one?

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Can’t attach the second image since I’m a new user, but it’s basically the one that you can see on the website with one bar for attachment and a dongle.


Hello, the second set you purchased is the latest version of the Vision Suite, with a lot of features to upgrade. The first set of images for the old version is no dongle, but with fewer features.


Hi, i bought M1 and vision kit. There where no examples included. Can you provide sample code for vision with m1?



Hi Nicolai
Could you let me know if there is a dongle in your vision kit? In addition, please send me your email address privately, and I will send you the file. Thank you.

Best regards


Hello Daniel. Yes there is a dongle (i bought vision kit v2) my mail
thank you on advance!