The specification sheet of Magician's motor J1,J2,J3,J4


The following information are the specification sheet of Magician’s motor J1,J2,J3,J4.
The specification sheet of base motor J1:
The specification sheet of large and small arm motor J2, J3:
The specification of the servo motor at J4:
SIZE: 40 20 40.5
Wire Long:200MM
Dead zone set:4us
Max rotation angle : 300°(Plug, output, remote control issue and Futaba, ,HITEC, compatible)
TORQUE: 9Kg… at6.0v 10Kg… at7.2v
SPEED: 0.16sec/60°at6v 0.14sec/60°at7.2v
Working Voltage:(4.8—7.2)V
Structural material: Precision metal gear, Motor iron core, Duplex bearing…