The MG400 and M1 Pro controller versions are released


After r & D testing and review, MG400 and M1Pro controller version is officially released to the public.

Version Update Description:
1.Added the log server function
2.Modbus modifies the remote startup script
3.Realize the global variable power - off save function
4.Implements the GETPOSE directive for optional coordinate system parameters
5.Reconstruct the TCP remote control function to resolve the disconnection and reconnection problems
6.Fixed modbus remote status output exception after remote I/O configuration modification
7.Fix DNS timeout and connection delay caused by DNS file missing or DHCP modification
8.Fixed script failure to start after emergency stop
9.Fixed an issue where the brake could not be released after an emergency stop
10.Fixed dobot.init concurrent initialization in Lua multithreading, causing segment error parser to crash
11.Optimize cross-process communication interface to avoid communication errors caused by packet loss

MG400 Alarm code via TCP-IP

MG400 download link:

M1pro download link:

new TCP/IP protocol document:



Could you share some example code for basic functions? I can currently control the DO ports, but MovJ commands don’t seem to have any effect.


Are you using TCP/IP for secondary development or DobotStudio’s Lua language for programming