[Solved] DoBot Magician Homing


I have two dobots connected to the conveyor belt. They both have suction cups. One Homes in the air above the conveyor belt just fine and does not hit anything but the other one wants to swing down and hit the belt and then not home because the suction cup is dragging or stuck on the belt. When I have the leveing probe on it to see if it would collide and detect it, the leveling probe does not hit the belt. Any idea how to change the homing on the problem bot? (Videos bellow)



I think you might want to reset the home point.

If so, you can reproduce the saved point by teaching&playback, the right-click and select set home.

Hoping it can help you.


Thank you so much!! This was exactly what I needed. I was trying to go into settings, and auto leveling and other but I never would have thought to check Teaching and Playback.


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