RunScript() nomenclature via TCP/IP


Hi everyone,

Maybe a basic question. I have a *.lua project that I’d like to run via my python user interface. I’m currently running through the TCP/IP secondary development API.

The problem I’m having is that no matter which file or folder I select, I get the a -1 error. I send the entire path using the RunScript(Project_name) command.
Example: RunScript(/folder1/folder2/Project/prj.json).

The project folder includes:

  • fileCRCCode.json
  • global.lua
  • point.json
  • point.json.lua
  • prj.json
  • src0.lua

Does the script need to be a path, or a path in quotation marks. Or just the project name and the project needs to be in a specific location?

Any advice is welcome.

Does anyone have an example or advice on how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi all,

So I solved with the help of the support team. It was my missunderstanding.

Important points:

  1. Both the Blocky and Lua scripts (projects) get saved on the server of the machine.
  2. You can only choose from the projects on the machine. The TCP/IP script does not upload the project folders to the robot.

If the project is in the server, folder “Project” then you can simply call the name of the project:

If you have a look at the files in the existing projects, its very easy to make the missing files.

Hope this helps people.