Remote Script Running


I’ve modified the TCP/IP code to add the a button for starting a script using the function RunScript. I can activate the button, but no robot action and the log doesn’t shown the command being sent. Suggestions? Thanks. changes:

*********************** Program Points ********************

self.frame_program = LabelFrame(self.root, text=“Program Points”,
labelanchor=“n”, bg="#FFFFFF", padx=0, pady=0, width=970, height=300, border=2) scriptnam = “SCRIPTNAME-MG400” # actual script name in Studio Pro

self.set_button(master=self.frame_program, text="Start Script, rely=0.05, x=50,


def start_script(self, scirptname):
if self.global_state[“enable”]:
self.client_dash.RunScript(self, scriptname)


Were you able to solve this?


Yes, I did resolve it by updating the MG400 bin. Thanks.