Python 3 library for Dobot Magician


Hi all,

I have created a library to use the Dobot Magician from Python 3, this first basic version allows to move the dobot on linear movements.

It communicates using the protocol over serial port without the need of compiling the driver for your system.

[edit] github url has changed


library can now be installed using ‘pip install pydobot’


Thanks for creating this! So much better than the software provided by Dobot.

I’ve extended it slightly to allow the gripper to work. I’ll try and make a pull request soon along with any other useful code I might add.


I’m glad you like it. feel free to contribute, thanks :slight_smile:


Hi can you send the code or commands for using the gripper.?


Hi luismesas,
Thanks for this library.
I really like it.
Is there any possiblity to calibrate the DOBOT with this library?


I can extend the functionality of the library, what do you want to use exactly?


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I find your code works for Dobot Magician lite as well. However, I ran into a problem using a suction cup. It gets enabled but it won’t get disabled. For example,

  • device.suck(True) # it works
  • device.suck(False) # it does not work

Do you have any suggestions on where I should investigate?