Printer head making terrible noise, no replacement parts anywhere


I have had the printer a while now, and unfortunately, i think my printer head is dying. It is making a terrible noise on startup until i give it a few light taps, and then it goes back to normal. My issue now, is this company NO LONGER SELLS ANY REPLACEMENT PARTS. How in the world am i supposed to keep this thing running??


Whoa - what makes you say that? I know they’re out of the office for Chinese New Year until next Tuesday, but I’ve been able to get replacement parts as recently as 3 weeks ago.

Also - I notice that my printer head started making a noise at startup, and it resolves itself after a minute or so. It’s one of the fans starting up, I don’t think it’s a big deal. If you have a video, I can check and see if it’s the same issue I have.


So i was on the site and everything is now out of stock, with no option to back order, Even amazon no longer carries any replacement parts for the printer. I just hope that fan isnt failing.