Print area for mooz 3



Is the print area for the Mooz3 the same size as the 2? I thought I saw somewhere that the print area for the 3 was a lot bigger, but the spec page seems to say that they all have the same volume, about 130mm on a side.

What’s the volume on the mooz 3, and is it any different if you get the 3 vs. the 2 to 3 upgrade kit?



Printarea of my mooz 3 upgraded from mooz 2 is smaler than the mooz 2 area.
First of all: its a cylinder, because of the delta- kinematiks.
The diameter is 100 mm, the high is also 100 mm.

In the upgrade kit is everything except the 3 linear rail actuators. (Base, 2 electronic boards, hand remote, 3 spools with holders and extruders, kinematiks and print head)