Mooz1-2-3 not working new out of the box!


I have the Mooz 2 with the Mooz 3 upgrade. I received only one mainboard, with the Mooz 3. For my initial setup I only wanted to try the laser engraving with the Mooz 2 setup. I have not had any success using the mainboard from the Mooz 3 for the Mooz 2 setup. It was suggested to me in the FaceBook group that the Mooz 3 mainboard will not work with Mooz 2, which seems correct after many days of trial and error.

I finally heard from Mooz support and was sold a solution. I received the exact same card that I already had. Is there not a different card for the MOOZ-1-2 and MOOZ-3? That is what was explained to me as the problem - I was using a MOOZ-3 board in a MOOZ-1-2 configuration.

I have tried this new card and it does exactly the same thing as the original card. It will home, but will not manually move for zeroing. It will not activate the Laser or heated bed. I’m at a total loss as to what is wrong or what I should try?