Mooz 3 = Nice parts that do nothing!


A friend’s son saved his money and purchased a Mooz 3 on Kickstarter. He was able to assemble the unit but has yet to print anything. I upgraded the unit and display to the latest firmware and the only thing it does is beep when powered on and when a PC/Mac is connected via USB. I emailed support twice and have not had a response.

I would also like to update the firmware to Marlin 2.0 but do not know the make/model of the mainboard. Since it is based on the Marlin open source project, I would expect to see the source for this unit as per the licence agreement.

If you are considering purchasing one of these, DON’T DO IT. Mechanically it looks good. Without proper software and support, it is little more than an interesting looking doorstop.

Has anyone converted the unit to a generic delta printer running Marlin 2.0x firmware?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



I give up. Without the ability to upgrade, modify and improve the firmware it will never print well. I will be disassembled shortly.

Doesn’t the GNU licence require you to publish the modified code back to the community? This would also take pressure off of the Dobot development and support teams (assuming they still exist).


I guess the support department work just as well as the printer. You try and try with no results.

Great job guys, you should be really proud.

Dobot Mooz 3 color 3d printer