Mooz 2 uncontrolled temperature increasing


Hi there!

I´ve been trying 3D printing in my Mooz 2 and I noticed temperature is increasing without control. I removed the printer module and when put out the parker fixing screw there are sparkles caused by 12VDC between the fixing plate and 3D module. I made test with the module dismounted and temperature does not increase but when I put the parker screw to fix the module to the fixing plate, temperature increase up to 270°C. I made a voltage measurement and there is 12VDC between fixing plate and 3D module. I opened the 3D module for checking cables and isolation and cables are correctly isolated, then I found when I put the test leads between heater body and fixing plate there was 12VDC too. So I would like to know how to solve this issue.

Extruder PCB repair

The print head PCBA may be damaged and needs to be replaced. Please contact the dobot technical support


Thank you Daniel!

PCBA was changed and I made printing test with success. So my Mooz 2 is ready to roll again.