Mooz 2 Printing at 1 cm above the heating pad


Hi there

I have upgraded the firmware for my Mooz 2 and when I try to do a test print of the sample vase, it starts printing at about 1 cm away from the heating pad. I have done the 3 point calibration and the settings were saved successfully. Any ideas why?


In addition to the three-point leveling, you also need to set the print zero point. In addition, it is best to use the official website’s slice file for testing.


Thank you for the reply. I managed to set the zero point now.


Hi Daniel

Can you see if you can reply on my issue with the print head not heating up (with no lights and fan as well). But the print head has power as it moves when I use the pad to reset the zero points.


Could you share me a picture like this, so that I can better identify the issue.Thank you

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