Mooz 2 Laser Only Works With Dobot Sample Files


I cannot get the Laser to print the Gcodes created in the Mooz software. The result is usually a diagonal line then a rectangle frame followed by back and forth burning of a short line. Sometimes it prints the complete outline as a dark rectangle. I can barely make out the line of the image.

Any thoughts?


My first guess is that you’re using the 0.5W laser that came with it, correct?

If so, most likely you’re printing it too fast. The default in the Mooz software is to move at 1200 mm/min, which doesn’t give the laser enough time to work.

I suggest you try reducing it to 400 mm/min and see if that works better.

I also wrote up a very thorough tutorial on using the laser here, which you might learn a lot from:


Thanks for your response.
I have the 1.6 watt laser too.
When I print the Dobot supplied files like Starbucks. it comes out great. when I use the Mooz Studio to convert a JPG of BMP it doesn’t work

I am trying to use your instructable and will let you know if it works. Just don’t understand why the sample files work and the Mooz Studio doesn’t


Yeah, I hear you. Maybe you could try opening one of the supplied ones in notepad and compare it to the ones you generate? See what’s different? I’d be really curious - maybe you could post them both here? (Or at least the generated ones?)


I’m also having an issue with this. Trying the LaserWEB route. But so far it isn’t going well either. Gcode writes but it will not actually move the laser when I try to use it


Hm. Weird. Can you post the first dozen lines of your gcode file here or something? LaserWEB is pretty tricky to use, and it’s very easy to generate an empty file. You have to go through the steps in the instructable very carefully - it’s a bit non-intuitive.


The laserWEB file has data but the laser still just turns on and stays there burning the material. Not sure how to post the code lines here.


.gcode is just text, so you can use something like notepad to open the gcode file you generated with Laserweb, copy the first 20-30 lines or so, and paste them into a post here, maybe?