Modbus TCP Communication User Manual



I would like to control our MG400 using Modbus TCP directly from a C++ application.
Is there a user manual for the available Modbus commands?

Many thanks!


Hi iris,

How do you want to use c++ program to control mg400? Modbus TCP is similar to our remote control function, which can only control the running and stopping of scripts. Why not directly use our special TCP/IP secondary development protocol to control MG400.

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thank you for your reply. Actually the C++ api works fine for most our use case, but we have not managed to do the following:

  • enabling the robot through the C++ api. It seems we need to enable the robot using DobotStudio.
  • making the robot follow a continuous path

We were hoping to be able to do these things using the Modbus commands (since we are familiar with using modbus). Thank you for suggesting the TCP/IP secondary development protocol, it looks like this is exactly what we need!



This is a c++ secondary development demo :
The API instructions are described here :

I hope I can help you

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Yes, this is very helpful, thank you so much! :blush:


hi Hans, both links are down, do you have other options?



You have all the repos listed here: