MG400 WIFI Settings



On the DobotStudio, there’s an area for Wifi settings where I can put an SSID and a password, which I assume it’s to connect to that network.
Even though I’ve done that, my Dobot still doesn’t show up on the network (the SSID and password are correct)

However I’m not entirely sure the MG 400 is even capable of Wifi so I’m not sure why that option is even there.
Could this be clarified, please? Can I use Wifi with MG 400?

I’ve also tried to connect a Wifi dongle to an USB port in the back of the robot, but it doesn’t seem to be working either.


Hi David, it would be helpful for us to locate if you can provide a screenshot


Here’s the backside of the Dobot and where I have the wifi adapter connected, a generic TP Link dongle.

According to a few emails I’ve received, the MG400 does not have wifi capabilities on it’s own, but supposedly it should work with a wifi adapter much like the CR, however clearly I’m doing something wrong since the adapter shows no signs of even being used (a small green led inside) when connected to the Dobot.


For clarity sake, this is the wifi adapter I’m using as well. From what I’ve seen, the CR uses a similar one for wifi and supposedly the MG400 can do the same?


Hi David, please follow the steps below to try:

  1. Connect the Wi-Fi module as well as the ethernet cable to your computer, connect MG400 in DobotSCStudio and set up the SSID and password settings
  2. Then remove the cable, restart the machine, connect your computer to the SSID you just set up in step 1, and then you will be able to connect your MG400 wirelessly.

If still you cannot make it happen, please send a video of how you operated to so that we can help you to locate the problem


I have tried those steps, still unable to connect.
The activity LED in the Wifi Adapter doesn’t even light up, so I’m not sure the Dobot is even using it despite being connected to the USB ports.

I’ve sent an email to Support with a link to a video of the steps I’m going through.


Hi David, I believe my colleague replied you via email. It could be the reason that the Wi-Fi module is not supported. Please check your inbox and let us know if you need any further assist.

Here I uploaded the guide on how to use WiFi to connect MG400 on Windows so other users can download when needed:


Problem solved. Just to give an update for anyone that ends up in a similar situation in the future:

The issue is that the Wifi Adapter I was using, TL-WN725N, could not be set as “SoftAP” or “soft access point”, therefore the robot could not broadcast a network using it.
I will try to get a different adapter like the TP-LINK Archer T3U, which I believe can actually work.

Thanks for your help in narrowing the problem down.


Hi, I have the same problem, although I have bought from TP-LINK Archer T3U since I read this forum before. I have verified that the TP-LINK Archer T3U works on any computer, however if I connect it to the DOBOT MG400 the activity LED in the Wifi Adapter doesn’t even light up, so I’m not sure the Dobot is even using it despite being connected to the USB ports.

I have repeated the steps according to the document attached to this forum but it still does not work. The strange thing is that the activity LED in the Wifi Adapter doesn’t even light up at any time.

Any clues to fix it?


Hi Victor, we suggest try with TP-Link AC600 on your MG400. This is the model that we confirmed to be working normally. If this will not work still, you can contact us via for help.


Hi Victor. The T3U is not compatible for this kind of aplication, the Dobot will not have the required Drivers to use it so it won’t even be started. That’s why the activity LED won’t even blink.

You need to use a T2U instead. That model is compatible. A T2U Nano might work but you need to change some internal files for that so I do not recommend.

Explanation and further information:
I probed inside the Dobot to see why my previous USB adapter wasn’t working and I managed to find a startup script that looks for a few specific models, loads their specific driver and setups a wifi connection using them.
If your model is not recognized, no drivers will be loaded and no connection started.

For instance, the T3U is not one of those models, but the T2U is. The T2U Nano can work with the T2U drivers but because they have a different ID, it will not be automatically recognized.

You can connect by SSH and check those files if you want but honestly, I’ll recommend you use their suggested model (TP-Link AC600 T2U) to avoid any complications, especially since the distro it’s running doesn’t let you do much with it. If we had “gcc” installed at least, we could install extra drivers ourselves but that’s not the case.

There’s a small list of adapters that actually work. Stick to the TP-Link AC600 T2U (not the Nano version) if you want it to work without extra hassle.


Thank you very much for the information. I will test with the TP-Link AC600 T2U


SOLVED. I have managed to get the DOBOT MG400 to work perfectly over Wi-Fi using the TP-Link AC600 T2U adapter in the MG400 as advised by David_Martins. Everything works and was configured directly using this wifi adapter.
Thanks a lot, David.


Hi. I have a question about coneccting DOBOT MG400 via DobotSCStudio. I used a guide posted few posts ago and still i can’t connect (i used Magican Pro variant).

On DobotStudio2020 Dobot is connected. Do you have any ideas how can i fix this problem?


Hi Andrzej940, did you choose the right IP in DobotSCStudio?


I was sure the whole program is blocked but now i tried and here is a small triangle with IP settings. I will try do it today and will give a feedback about this. Thank you!
Edit: After changing the IP Settings (arrow near minimalize option) everything is ok.


I am trying to connect to M1 Pro to DobotStudio Pro with the TP-Link AC600 T2U adapter. The DobotM1Pro wifi shows up on the list but when I put in the password it says it can’t connect. Do I have to change the wifi IP address instead of obtain automatically?


Hi david, unfortunately i bought the T2UB AC600 Nano and i cant afford another, would you be so kind to teach me how can i change the ID as i see you know the way to make it recognized.

please be so kind to contact me through email thanks