MG400 TCP/IP Jump mode Please update soon


Hi Dobot

I have control over most things you can find in the TCP/IP protocol but there are still many things that are missing, for example Jump mode, also TCP/IP is really slow :frowning:
will there be updates soon ???
I am missing the last features :slight_smile:
And speed up the TCP/IP protocol if it is to be used for anything, otherwise release information on how to control it over http/json which is much faster right now
Many of the functions I have made work are over the http protocol and it run super :grinning:



Hi tjay78,

We can’t say much about the details, but I can tell you that our TCP/IP protocol is getting ready for a major update, and all the TCP/IP demos will be changed.
As for the JUMP instruction, our researchers are going to delete this instruction in TCP/IP protocol