MG400 standalone operation?


I have a MG400 and tried around with the C# API for weeks now. At first it seems to work fine, although there are a few bugs that I was able to work around. But it does not work stable. When I create 3 buttons to do 3 simple movement commands, it works perhaps 80% of the time. Sometimes it seems to move to fast, especially when it just started up so its stuck and goes to error mode. There seems to be no other speed command than dashboard.SpeedFactor(XX), but even if I set it to 20, the problem occurs from time to time. Sometimes it moved the 4th axis where it only should move the z-Axis.
So I came to the conclusion that the API is not really working stable and I will use the lua script and communicate with my own software via TCP.
But is there any way to transfer the lua script onto the MG400 so it starts operating when switched on? I don’t like the idea that the customer has to start another software, needs to connect the robot, load and start a script. Before we bought the MG400 for this project, we made a prototype with the Magician Lite. We were able to transfer the program to the Robot and it worked independent from any software.
Is this possible in any way for the MG400? Or is there any lightweight software that can run in the background, connects to the MG400 and starts my script?
I hope someone has an idea, I need to get ready with the project in the next few weeks.


Ok, I just found the settings in the SCStudio. Before I only used the DobotStudioPro. Now I can save a script in the Robot and use either some IO’s or the Modbus to start and stop the robot.
I never used Modbus, but it does not look too complicated, so I will try to use this to control start and stop the robot and to get the status of the script and Inputs and to control some of the Outputs. Looks promising!