MG400 Controller Firmware Update


Hello everyone, glad to tell you that we have release the latest controller firmware of version for MG400(aka Magician Pro). Update log is as below:

  1. Bugs fixed for Modbus remote control
  2. Real time refresh function added for Modbus remote control
  3. Single axis zero position calibration supported
  4. IO module extension via Modbus supported
  5. Setting tool coordinate system in script supported
  6. Modbus Master/Client function supported(able to visit external Slave/Server)
  7. Collision Detection defaulted to Level 1
  8. Other bugs fixed and new features not mentioned above

And now you can download from here:

MG400 and LabView
Where can I download firmware

Go to System-Parameter-ControllerSetting-Update, select the firmware downloaded from the link, then click import. Wait for a few minutes and the update is done. Note that DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME OF THE FILE otherwise it could cause update failure.