Maximum Nozzle Temperature


I’m upgrading my Mooz-1 to a higher temperature heater cartridge. (280+ºC.) However the firmware limits the maximum temperature for the nozzle to 270ºC. Now this makes more sense if the PTFE lined heatbreak is installed, because PTFE breaks down into nasty chemicals ~250ºC. Therefore I’ll also change the heatbreak to an all-metal one. However, the firmware will still limit the temperature to 270ºC! Is there any way to change this?


For safety reasons, the printhead temperature is set to approximately 260 °, which may not meet your requirements.


Ah, yes. As I said so myself, the PTFE lining in the heatbreak really should not be heated above 250ºC. This is because at elevated temperatures PTFE will break down and release noxious chemicals. However, as I am upgrading to an all-metal hotend and heatbreak, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to print above 270ºC.