Magician Left Stepper Motor Problems


The “L” stepper motor began skipping and straining a couple weeks ago and is now to the point where it can barely turn. It makes a lot of noise and sometimes shuts the whole robot arm off when moving.

I have loosened the connection to the rest of the arm assembly, and it still skips and strains when it is not connected to the arm (just turning it’s axle).

When I switch the stepper motor connections (connect the L stepper motor cable to the R stepper motor), the R stepper motor moves smoothly and perfectly with commands from the motherboard meant for the L stepper.

At this point I am sure that the problem is with the L stepper motor and it sounds mechanical.

Two questions:

  1. Is it possible to order a replacement stepper?
  2. How do I remove the L stepper motor so that I can further troubleshoot?