Laser Engraving Troubleshooting


Hello, I have my M1 up and running. The first thing I tried out was the laser engraver. While it burns fine (I’m sure I need to adjust the focus better), what it ends up doing is creating lines with a LOT of space between each laser line. Kind of like scan lines on old televisions sets. Also, each line is offset so each line is very staggered by 3 or so millimeters (so ever line is shifted back and forthe). Like this:


Also the spacing between the lines is about 3 mm now that I think about it. What parameters can be changed to make this work as intended. I was “printing”/engraving a box with a picture in it on wood as a test. I also have the last set to be around 19 mm Z on the joint positioning, if that helps any. Do you have any suggestions to make this work correctly? Thanks!



Hi Arthur

I have set up my M1 this weekend and tested the laser engraving
I don’t have the problem with space between the lines
Can you send me your test file? then i will run it and take a look.