Kickstarter Mooz-2 (non-wifi) won't update firmware, can't use replacement 3d print head


When I put the firmware files on an 8gb FAT32 SDcard, they don’t seem to do anything. I get the same exact UI even after trying to apply the touchpad update. I get a very rapid message saying something about the mainboard firmware level that matches the firmware file i put on it, but no progress % or anything indicating that it is updating. [edit] i just did it again and it actually says ‘no need to update!’. I figured out how to update the trackpad by using the SD card slot in it, but the UI doesn’t look like the one in the manual and my new print head doesn’t work! [/edit]

I wrecked my 3d print head and recently purchased a replacement, this replacement must have features my mainboard won’t support because the green light won’t stay on and I cannot move any of the steppers or print anything. This sucks!