Just had my MOOZ 1 x axis fail


Have MOOZ 1 that has been working until this latest print. Now my X Axis motion has stopped. motor is turning yet it doesn’t move. The bracket doesn’t seem engaged with the shaft any longer. Can anything be done to fix this? I’m on a tight schedule to produce some key chains for my church’s summer camp and only have around 30 out of 130 printed.


I think that you had the same problem as me, the problem is that the acme nut inside the trail has a looseness/gap, because it when the motor move doesn’t have abrasion between the “screw” and the acme nut. They sent me a email with a video explain, but in chineses because they doesn’t have edit yet(I asked to me send me without edit). Send a email to mooz@dobot.cc and they’ll help you.


And that Acme nut as well as the shaft is at a custom thread pitch for the Mooz actuators. And just the nut isn’t available, thus far. The video was informative on disassembly and assembly of an actuator. Yet didn’t help when a replacement nut isn’t available. Dobot sent me a free actuator after I paid for the expedited shipping.