Input 3.3V EIO Problem


We are trying to get the Dobot Magician to wait for a button to be pushed before running a program. We have DobotStudio in “Pro” mode or “Blockly”.
We are reading 3.3 volts across EIO 1 and 20 and 1.6 volts across EIO 5 and 7 and and 19 when the arm is at rest.


Hello, have the EIO problem solved? I encountered a similar problem, and I don’t know what the cause is. If you already understand it, could you please tell me, thank you in advance.

I’m working on the Dobot Magician. Right now I only get the value 1 on the input EIO20. When I measure the voltage into the input. I get 1.6V when it should be off and I get 3.3V when it should be active.

Any ideas on what the problem could be?